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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

ARISE Sound system for all android

ARISE Sound system for all
Android 5.x and Above.

Installation Requirements==
  • Any android device above android lollipop 5.x.
  • It should be rooted and custom recovery
     should be present.
  • ES File Explorer thats all you need

Installation Procedure==

  •  First Download ARISE.zip from the link
    given below and also download ES File
     Explorer from below.
  •  Next Open ES File Explorer and Extract ARISE.zip
    in SD CARD.
  •  Now open Extracted folder there you will see
     three files two zip and one folder.
  •  Keep them aside firstly give ES Explorer root
     permission to make it a root explorer from side panel.
  •  Now click on device from tools in ES- explorer.
  •  Now in device click on search and search for
     '' audio_effects.conf "  select it and rename it to
     " audio_effects.conf.bak "
  • After this boot into recovery mode and
    flash both the zip files ""first flash the
     2nd file then the first one.""
  •  After flashing reboot the device.
  •  After reboot you will see 3 apps installed namely  
        1) Esira {Music Player ByARISE}                                                                                              
        2) Dolby                                                                                                                                       
        3) Viper4ARISE
  •  Now open ES File Explorer again and open
    ARISE folder /Extras/post-instal
    User/setprop/ here you'll see
  •    " arisesound_setprop "
  •  Select and copy " arisesound_setprop
     " in root /system/su.d paste it here and overwrite it.
  •  After pasting tap and hold arisesound_setprop
     select properties in properties click on permissions
     and now change the permissions s follows.
  •                  Read        Write      Execute

  •   owner       $                $              $

  •   group                                       $

  •   other                                        $

NOTE :- Above $ means checked in ES- Explorer

  •  After setting permissions click on OK
    and Reboot your Device.
  •  After a reboot open Viper4ARISE swipe left and click
    on save effect profile then on new
    effect profile save it as ARISE.
  •  Nonw close Viper4ARISE and open
     ES Explorer again goto the ARISE folder
      /Extras/post-install User/viper4Android there
     you'll find one more folder open it 
  •  Select all the folder present there and copy
     them to SD card / Viper4Android 
  •  After pasting now open Dolby Atmos turn on
    the power select all three options present
    below and click on the first from the three eq icons.
  •  Close it and now open Viper4Arise turn
     in on swipe right select on load profile load
     any of the profile and enjoy the Music Experience...
  • self recommended Profile = Earthquake.

Credits goes to==

  • guitardedhero 
  • Roi007leaf
  • wrongway213, 
  • sonophilos, 
  • churapa, 
  • docnok63, 
  • Paschfire, 
  • R3V3NT3CH
  • mrrocketdog, 
  • Joe0Bloggs, 
  • secone00,
  • Jacobh25, 
  • williwood, 
  • nericollin, 
  • ahrion, 
  • smeejaytee,
  •  aki_007, 
  • ephexxis, 
  • dingermtb, 
  • flieswithhawks,
  •  phamous, 
  • Yoinx, 
  • Shadowghoster
  • Pratik Sawant making it compatible with 5.1.1 from 6.0.x
    Anupam Anand for Sharing it to you


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